Applications Currently Closed is for post-revenue companies. We do not have a minimum revenue number for applicants.

We do not have a fixed investment amount and have funded companies with checks between $100k and $1M. 50% of the companies we've backed are led by female founders. Nearly 20% are led by black founders. The vast majority of them are based outside of the Bay Area or NYC. is not a great fit for: products that require significant investment and extended periods of R&D prior to commercialization. Winner takes all, land grab, style markets. Teams who don't like to sell. Founders who enjoy owning single digit percentages of their businesses.

Give us a quick description of your company and the problem you're solving.
Shoot a quick video, 90 seconds or less, and upload it to Youtube. This should just be the founders talking about the business. Please, no promotional or professionally done videos. If you don't want others to be able to see it, mark it as "Unlisted".
Year Founded *
Year Founded
What was your 2018 revenue? * is designed for post-revenue companies.
If you're unsure how to calculate these, no worries. We have a glossary for you.