Applications for v3 closed March 1
Final decisions will be made by March 15, so stay tuned…

v3 Winter Tour 2019

Two months, and many miles have passed since we opened applications for v3.  

In that time we have shared many of our ideas, learnings and stories from the founders we have funded.

Here is a recap.....

The v3 launch post highlights our belief that profitability is an unsung startup superpower:  "We believe there are hundreds, even thousands of ambitious founders that could thrive if they didn’t have to continually ask investors for permission to exist."

We published a deep dive on our v3 terms:  "We think the contrast of locking into the conventional VC path vs. the “anti-fragile” ideals we’ve embedded within the v3 terms is simple, stark and compelling."

We toured the country sharing a presentation designed to clarify "Who We Are" AND "Who We Are Not."  You can dive into that presentation yourself.

If you weren't able to join us live for the presentation, you can watch the virtual session we did with our friends at @sexandstartups.

Or, be a fly on the wall at our very first session in Austin, which included a conversation with @dh sharing stories of bootstrapping @Grasshopper to 10s of millions in revenue and a nearly $200M exit.
Watch Here

Rather listen to us while driving?  @pkafka talked to us about different funding strategies for media businesses and why @indievc might be a better fit for founders who find themselves in categories that are "directionally correct but out of favor."  
Listen Here

With less than 1% of VC backed cos achieving $B
valuations, perhaps VC itself has a product market fit problem?  Or, as our partner @timoreilly wrote: "blitzscaling isn’t really a recipe for success but rather survivorship bias masquerading as a strategy."
Full Article Here

In less than a month we went from Sticking Our Necks Out
To the @nytimes being on it!
New York Times Article

As encouraged as we are with all the press and positive feedback, this future of funding will not exist without great founders taking the plunge with us.  Thanks to everyone that applied!

Applications are NOW CLOSED

Past Dates
Austin — January 14
Atlanta — January 15
Portland — January 22
Seattle — January 23
Kansas City — January 29
Washington DC — February 5
Boston — February 6
New York — February 7
New York — February 8
Chicago — February 11
Detroit — February 12
Denver — February 20
Salt Lake City — February 26th
San Francisco — February 27th
Los Angeles — February 28th